My ex and I argue over my time with our daughter. How can I make things better? | Ask Annalisa Barbieri

Your child is left trying not to upset either of you. Maybe revisit your arrangements with her mum, and talk to your daughter about what she needs

I have been divorced for eight years and my daughter, who is 10, lives with her mum. I usually see her every other weekend. I say “usually”, because my daughter’s timetable is very much driven by her mother and the time with me is a “fit in”. It has been like this for four years. My ex and I have both moved on to new relationships.

There have been occasions where my ex and I argue about the time my daughter gets to spend with me. My daughter will call and tell me that she wants to do something else (go to a birthday party, say) on a weekend that she had been supposed to spend with me. When my ex and I argue, this understandably upsets my daughter, and I think she feels conflicted over which parent to support.

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