My guilty pleasure? I thought I didn’t have one, until I got a big telly for my birthday

I grew up in a house where the TV was the centrepiece, but over the years I started to fret that they looked tacky

Recently, I stumbled upon a Twitter conversation about “YouTube guilty pleasures”. I clicked, and happily lost an hour watching people citing funny TV outtake videos and pop stars singing covers.

I’ve always found it strange that people feel guilty or embarrassed about harmless fun. I tell myself I see through it: that the notion a woman mustn’t eat cake is more about patriarchy than personal responsibility; and deriding certain music is, at worst, elitist and, at best, grouchy. I also suspect I just don’t have space for guilty feelings around eating an eclair and exercising to Little Mix, what with all these other guilts to worry about. (Thanks, religious upbringing!)

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