My sibling has stolen our late mother’s will. Is this a crime?

Ask for it back one last time and explain that you will instruct a solicitor if they refuse. But this should be a last resort

Our mother died this summer. She deposited her will with a solicitor, having appointed one of my two siblings as executor, and shared her estate equally between the three of us. However the other sibling purloined the original copy of the will from the solicitor by falsely claiming the executor had instructed them to do so. They now refuse to return it.

Some years ago, our parents gave the sibling who is the executor a loan of several thousand pounds and I suspect my other sibling is holding the will hostage until it’s proved that either the loan was paid back, or the role of executor is relinquished. Has a criminal offence been committed? How can we get hold of the will so that we can settle our mother’s debts and share the money?

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