My sister and I are creatives marooned in the family home. Our parents want us to get real jobs

There is nothing wrong with accepting enthusiastically offered assistance, writes advice columnist Eleanor Gordon-Smith. But is that the case here?

Recently my sister and I have been discussing how at odds we both feel living under the conventions of a Western, capitalist society. We are two of five children (all millennials) and fondly refer to the other three as “squares” who have happily embraced these conventions; they have partners, stable jobs, savings and the usual aspirations of getting married, buying houses and starting families.

Meanwhile my sister and I remain in the family home (marooned by the pandemic) and are both working on manuscripts and at the height of our creative output. However, we lament the fact our parents want us to get “real jobs” and live “normal” lives. We have no savings or hope of changing our current circumstances to gain some independence without making huge sacrifices.

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