My winter of love: I thought we had parted for ever. Then I took his phone call in a raging blizzard

I was besotted with the idea of the handsome JC, but wanting someone unobtainable was painful. Would we ever be more than friends with benefits?

Seven years ago, in the year before I met the wonderful man I would fall in love with and go on to marry, I had a short but intense relationship with someone I had known as a friend of friends for some time. I’d suddenly and unexpectedly found myself becoming besotted with him after we suddenly and unexpectedly found ourselves sleeping together.

JC was very tall, very handsome and very intelligent. Like me, he was recently out of a long-term relationship, and we were both enjoying the sexual freedom that came from not being committed to anyone. I don’t remember exactly how we ended up in bed together the first time, but I do remember liking it very much and rather hoping that it might happen again, which it did – with some regularity.

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