Nourish it, store it and don’t carry your whole life: how to care for your handbag

Having a big bag doesn’t mean you should carry everything. Treat your handbags right and they’ll last much longer

The late writer Nora Ephron (whom I have quoted in this series before and will quote again) famously declared, “I hate my purse” in an essay of the same title. She described being bad at purses, how hers would accumulate loose Tic-Tacs, lipsticks without tops and Kleenex that either had or had not been used. She said, for a period, she gave up on purses and wore an overcoat with large pockets to avoid having to carry one and went out at night with only a lipstick, a $20 bill and a credit card tucked into her bra.

This week, we compiled some expert advice on how to take care of your handbag so you can avoid ending up with one as chaotic as Ephron’s.

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