Our boy is an angel in the nursery, a little devil at home

There, he eats baba ghanoush and real grains and tuna. We can’t even get him to eat fish fingers

In nursery, my son is a different boy altogether. We know this because they send us pictures via a little website which is fast becoming our favourite internet destination. It collects images, and occasionally videos, of his time in nursery, usually paired with behavioural advances or feast days.

For St Patrick’s Day we saw him in full Ireland rugby kit making shamrocks out of Play-Doh. At Easter, he painted eggs. On World Book Day, he was kitted out like a fox because it was the only vaguely book-related outfit we had to hand. You may remember it also served as his outfit for two Halloween gatherings and an animal-themed playdate. We keep meaning to get him something else because its fur is so thick he’s reduced to a sweaty mess within 10 minutes of use, but we always forget At this rate, he’ll be getting married in it.

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