Outside the box: creative solutions in a London flat

Resin tables, chip shop counters, a bathtub in the office… Meet the architect whose flat is a laboratory of bright ideas

When Alex Holloway first watched the Verve’s music video for their 1997 Lucky Man single, he found his attention wandering from the guitar-strumming, Mod-mopped lead singer to the interior. The location was a quintessentially 90s industrial-style apartment designed by Richard Rogers. But it was not the floating staircase or steel-framed windows that piqued the future interior architect’s imagination. It was the kitchen. The surfaces were made from that dimpled stainless steel you usually find in your local chippy. To the sci-fi-loving teenager Holloway, who also spent a lot of time “hanging around fast food outlets”, it was just the thing: futuristic, urban and cool.

“It proved you can elevate the most basic material if you design it well,” says Holloway, who co-founded his architecture and interiors practice, Holloway Li, with architect Na Li in 2015. “I decided that if I could ever afford my own flat, I’d use it for my kitchen.”

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