Paint ball: get inspired for colourful interiors

Don’t be shy when it comes to painting your home. It’s time to usher in a new vibrant colour palette

In the totally subjective world of chic interiors, a new post-pandemic trend is happening and it is all about colour. It doesn’t take a lot of head-scratching to see why. After a prolonged period of minimalism and neutrals that gratefully instilled a sense of calm in a world of back-to-back everything, in the post-immediate pandemic era it seems we’re after a bit of Ab Fab-inspired colour again.

“There has definitely been an explosion of colours in many UK homes,” says Dr Geraldine Tan, who started her blog, Little Big Bell, celebrating colourful interior design 12 years ago alongside her job as an NHS doctor. She has since grown a following of 277k on Instagram. “I remember when Scandinavian style with the monochrome black and white was on trend, I thought I’d give it a go, but no matter how much I tried, colour always crept in,” she says. “It makes me and my family feel happy, calm and optimistic. I love being at home after a stressful day working at the hospital.”

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