Pedalling back to childhood dreams | Brief letters

Bicycles | Davos 2022 | The three sexes | Christmas puddings

Seeing Grayson Perry sitting astride his motorbike (Grayson Perry on art, cats – and the meaning of life, 9 November), I was immediately reminded of the Triumph Pink Witch bicycle of my youth as it also was pink and turquoise. How I longed for one! I was lucky enough to be given a new bicycle for my 11th birthday. There was not a lot of money around, and I was thrilled to have it, but I always coveted the Pink Witch!
Jill Hughes
Cranbrook, Kent

• Re George Monbiot’s article (Make extreme wealth extinct: it’s the only way to avoid climate breakdown, 10 November), can Davos 2022 now be cancelled or, at least, made virtual?
Karen Shaw
Crowborough, East Sussex

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