Ride or die: ‘Could an expensive exercise cult change my slothful nature?’

Peloton, the world’s most hyped fitness technology company, will soon arrive in Australia. We take one for a short spin

I am trapped on a machine, alone, in the bedroom of a stranger’s mansion. Outside, yachts bob on the glittering harbour. It is dark inside, lights dimmed to appreciate the floor to ceiling views. In the corner to my left a fiddle leaf fig sits with leaves polished to gleaming emerald. To my right – just out of reach – my phone lies on the bed, denting the pristine white doona. My feet are locked up with robotic precision. I jerk the right one up and down, side to side, trying to break free. It will not come unstuck. The last time I saw my heart rate, it read 171 BMP.

I try for the left foot instead. With a twist and a yank it comes loose. Arching my leg up over the machine I contort my body through a modified banana pose and grab the phone. I need to document the moment my virtual trainer faded into a spiral of grey dots, how he left me stuck and panting.

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