Rupert Murdoch buys $200m Montana cattle ranch from Koch brothers

The ranch provides habitat for 4,000 elk, 800 antelope and 1,500 mule deer and a 28-mile-long creek stocked with trout

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a billionaire in possession of a sprawling media empire must be in want of a steady supply of bullshit. With the recent purchase of a Montana cattle ranch, home to 7,000 head, Rupert Murdoch now has access to more of the stuff than even Tucker Carlson could hope to shovel.

The ranch, located in the south-west of the state, not too far from Yellowstone national park, was bought from Matador Cattle Co, a subsidiary of Koch Industries, for about $200m, as reported by the Wall Street Journal. The ranch’s sale, between the two driving forces behind the conservative movement in the United States, is the largest in Montana’s history.

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