September design news: arty toilets, London Craft Week, ‘metal giraffes’

A new show focused on Black art in America, the British light that took over the world and recycled, sustainable craft

Artist Isamu Noguchi travelled the world and found inspiration pretty much everywhere. Consequentially, his worldview was pretty open and philosophical. He has said: “We are a landscape of all we have seen.” He’s also said: “Art should become as one with its surroundings.” His most pertinent quote for design news is: “Everything is sculpture. Any material, any idea without hindrance born into space, I consider sculpture.”

Looking at the cutting-edge technology used in London Craft Week, the skill and thought in the design of an incubator for sub-Saharan Africa and the vibrant humour and beauty used to turn a toilet into a work of art, Noguchi’s sentiment feels very much alive. Design, art and sculpture is everywhere.

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