Shades of grey: a Danish restoration brings a dull home to life

Two families joined forces to open up a large apartment near Copenhagen

In 2016, Kristian Lillelund lived in a small flat in the centre of Copenhagen with his two daughters, Inés and Clara. His girlfriend, Mariah, lived with her two children, Elliot and Viola, in a flat in nearby Frederiksberg. The couple wanted to move in together, but struggled to find a home that could accommodate their family. “With the prices in Copenhagen, we didn’t have enough money to buy an apartment that was the size we needed,” Lillelund explains.

Luckily Mariah’s recently divorced neighbour was hoping to downsize. They agreed to swap apartments. No money changed hands: it was a mutually beneficial agreement. “He was glad to move on,” explains Lillelund. “The apartment was too big for him and it held too many memories. Only now that he’s seen what we’ve done, I think he wants to move back in…”

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