Shimmer in silver makeup – but keep it modern

With glowy and glossy skin to match, silver eyeshadow works well. Plus, a super relaxing Roman bath

Normally I am not a fan of silver makeup. I find it either too ashy and unflattering (too cool), or you look as if you’re heading to a space-themed fancy dress party (too tacky). There is, however, a way to wear it well. Steer clear of matte skin and lips and go glowy and glossy instead – it adds warmth. Then apply an imaginative eye: a smattering of the shimmery stuff with lashings of mascara and liner is more wearable than a solid block of silver on the lid. Keeping it modern is the key.

1. Illamasqua Infinite Masquara £20,
2. Fenty Beauty Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter £28,
3. Victoria Beckham Posh Gloss £24,
4. Rose Inc Lip Sculpt Enriched Amplifying Color £19.50,
5. Laura Mercier Light Catcher Setting Powder £33.50,

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