Should I disinvite my unsupportive family from my wedding?

By having a conversation, you will know you gave them a chance to think about their behaviour, says Annalisa Barbieri

My partner and I are getting married this summer. It is a small wedding, and I have invited my mum and siblings. However, most of my family members are not supportive of my relationship, probably because we are both women. I didn’t expect coming out to be easy or welcomed, but I never imagined that the fallout would last this long. My mum has consistently treated my sexuality as a problem and has often been very cold towards my partner.

When I told my family that we were engaged, my mum and one sibling reacted with, at best, resignation (my other sibling was more supportive). Despite all this, I wanted to invite my closest family to our wedding. However, I’m no longer sure if this was the right decision. At no point have my mum and siblings offered congratulations or expressed positive feelings about it.

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