Should I still work from home if I’m sick? We ask an expert

Can workplace ‘presenteeism’ put people at increased risk of sickness and depression? Academic Alison Collins weighs up the evidence

In 2021, British workers took some of the fewest sick days in the developed world, with employment experts putting this down to poor sick pay (as little as 19% of the average UK salary is covered). This may explain what has become a familiar sight in the workplace: a video call with someone who is clearly unwell. According to the government, we should all be “living with Covid”. But should we be working with it, too? I asked Alison Collins, an academic whose research explores sickness and presenteeism.

Is it possible that the reason Brits have such low rates of absence from sickness is because – plot twist! – we’re super healthy?
Maybe. Though it could also be that people are taking less time off because they can work from home while ill.

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