‘Someone is going to be offended’: why this holiday season may be more tense than ever

Some are actively dreading what is supposed to be the jolliest time of the year as some families are under the same roof for the first time in two years

This Thanksgiving marks the first time Trysta Barwig, 31, is reuniting with her extended family and friends since the start of Covid-19. While she’s excited to reconnect with loved ones at her aunt’s Atlanta home, she says she’ll be walking on eggshells in order to avoid the elephant in the room: the pandemic. Some family members who work in the travel industry lost their jobs and are still unemployed, she says. Guests’ vaccination statuses, and vaccine-related viewpoints, will be a very mixed bag.

“If this was my holiday, my event – my birthday, for instance – I would say you can’t bring up Covid,” Barwig says. “I’m having an open mind but I know someone is going to bring it up. Someone is going to be offended.”

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