Sunday with comedian Rhod Gilbert: ‘There’s a two-hour rollercoaster onstage, followed by a crash’

The comedian on dreams of a new mattress, walks on the Gower and ending the day with pizza

Where are you on Sundays? I’m on tour at the moment, so I could be anywhere. This Sunday I woke up in a Bournemouth Airbnb, on a bed so comfy that I stripped it to find out the manufacturer. I’m going to chuck out my disgusting old specimen at home and buy myself one of these ones.

Are Sundays busy? It all builds to an evening show, so the whole day has a strange nervousness, an undercurrent of tension that builds until you hit the stage. I’d love to spend the day drinking a real ale in front of a fire at a lovely pub, doing the crossword with the dog at my feet. Instead, I walk around city centres trying not to panic.

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