Sunday with Jon Ronson: ‘Around 5.30am I feed the birds’

The writer on thuggish blue jays, grains and dustbins

What time are you up? Around 5.30am. I feed the birds. My favourites are the cardinals. They get bullied by the blue jays – thuggish, corrupt-cop-looking creatures. The doves, in turn, bully the blue jays. It’s wholly wrong that they are known as birds of peace. I’m no ornithologist; this is all based on what I’ve observed from my window.

What’s next? I’ll empty the dishwasher, make myself a coffee, then I’ll work. I figure working four or five hours every day is the same as Monday to Friday, 9-5. If I’ve got the mental capacity to write, I will. If not, I might finesse a single sentence. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than making a piece of writing work.

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