Sunday with Kim Wilde: ‘If it’s sunny, I’ll start gardening in my pyjamas’

The singer enjoys a cooked breakfast, dog-walking and playing backgammon with the kids

Are you an early riser? Invariably, Sunday’s a travel day – I do gigs on Saturdays. If I’m home, I lie in until the dogs make that noise you can’t ignore, then I stagger down, give them a carrot and let them out. If it’s sunny, I’ll start gardening in my pyjamas. We live in a 16th-century barn in Hertfordshire. There’s a cottage garden, a wildflower meadow, a garden with a tropical vibe… a lot of plants.

What’s on the menu? If I fancy a cooked breakfast, I’ll have egg and bacon. If I don’t, it’s some bran and muesli thing with yoghurt, seeds and berries. In summer, we don’t really do roasts. I grow lots of salad, so I add a bit of fish, chicken, feta or halloumi.

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