Sunday with Lorraine Kelly: ‘I get up at 6.30, which for me is a long lie-in’

The TV presenter walks her dog and makes time for a whisky

What time are you up? During the week I’m up at 5am to get to work. On Sundays it’s all change. I get up at 6.30 and have a coffee at 7am, which for me is a long lie-in. I try not to wake Steve, my husband, up. Usually I’ll scroll through the papers on my phone and catch up with news and social media.

Sunday grub? Steve is a good cook. For breakfast we have poached eggs on toast or huevos rancheros or smoked salmon and scrambled eggs. We just sit and catch up with each other, plan what’s happening the next week, make sure somebody is going to be in for Angus, our border terrier. Our plans revolve around Angus, obviously.

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