Sunday with Nadiya Hussain: ‘I fry pancakes in my dressing gown’

It’s walking, laundry, relaxing and getting organised for the prize-winning chef

Sunday morning? My daughter comes in at 6am. She’ll be wearing a long nightdress, with her hair over her face, like a horror movie character. She gives me a cuddle and says, ‘I appreciate you, Mum.’ She’s not a teenager yet like my boys, which is probably why I like her. I’ll make a tea and then I pray, before scrolling through tabloid fodder.

A morning routine? Frying pancakes in my dressing gown before a stroll through the woods with Abdal, my husband. We walk at the same time every day, I love the familiarity; saying hello to the same dogs and people. Halfway along – opposite a retirement home – there’s a bench where we sit, looking out for deer and talking about growing old together.

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