Sunday with Neil Gaiman: ‘I’m left to make things up, uninterrupted’

The writer on hiking, overeating – and bedtime stories

How are your Sunday mornings? Right now I’m in Edinburgh – my Sundays start in a hotel room, alone. Midweek, I’m up at 5.30am to make it on set. The first thing I do is text my wife Amanda in New Zealand with a message for my son. If I’m lucky with the time difference I can read him a bedtime story.

Do you work? I love to write. On Sundays it’s a joy. It’s a gift that nobody else is working. It’s the day I have to really write – the best bit of the job – when most of my time is spent doing admin and emails. We’ve got three TV shows on the go, there’s a lot to do, but right now on Sundays I’m left to make things up, uninterrupted.

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