Sunday with Patrice Evra: ‘Eating popcorn in the cinema takes me away’

The football coach talks about avocado smoothies, forthcoming fatherhood, his 24 siblings and changing duvet covers with his fiancée

Work or relax? My fiancée [Danish model Margaux Alexandra] is not happy if I spend hours in the gym. She’s like, ‘Let’s wake up nice and easy.’ I’m used to playing football on a Sunday, so she’s taught me how to relax and take care of myself with a nice bath and a moisturise.

Sunday breakfast? Something healthy, like granola and an avocado smoothie from Lowry & Baker on Portobello Road. Or my fiancée will say, ‘Let’s go wild,’ and we’ll have a pain au chocolat or an English breakfast with beans, sausage and bacon and all the good stuff.

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