Sunday with Rick Edwards: ‘My cat goes ballistic at 6am’

The radio presenter on early starts, doughnuts for breakfast and a sneaky game of pétanque on Hampstead Heath

What time are you up? I get up at 3.30am on weekdays, so I desperately try to lie in on Sundays, although these days with the curse of ageing I struggle to sleep past 8am. Plus, my cat goes ballistic at 6am. I’ll fidget in bed for an hour and a half until my wife asks me to please go away.

A morning routine? I’m just waiting for everyone else to get up. I might read downstairs while the cat hassles me, or watch Andrew Marr. We’ll often go for breakfast with friends: Cricks Corner in Dartmouth Park does excellent breakfast baps. And yes, we’ll have doughnuts. It’s Sunday. Don’t judge me.

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