Sunday with Sara Pascoe: ‘Coffee at home gives us energy to walk to the coffee shop’

The comedian talks about walks with her dog, Mouse, getting up five times with her baby boy and fantasising about being a police officer

Early riser? I’ve a young baby, Theodor, so 11.30pm Saturday is the first get up, then 2am, 4.30am, 6.50am… Then you have a choice: stay up or try to sleep until nine.

What’s next? My husband, Steen [Raskopoulos, actor/comedian], or I say, ‘Shall we do a cafetière?’ That’s the code. That means: ‘We’re up now.’ The at-home coffee gives us the energy to walk to the coffee shop to have an oat flat white. We do a lot of Deliveroo-ing breakfast.

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