Teen leaving the nest? Give them a taste of home with these recipes

Ease your child’s start at university with tasty low-budget recipes that are easy to make

Last week, I experienced something I’d been dreading since my daughters came into the world: my first-born leaving home for the first time. I’ve experienced such a mix of emotions. Of course, I’m incredibly proud of Reet for doing so well in her exams and getting into the university of her choice, but I’m also sad that I’ll see her less often, nervous about how she’ll feel and worried about how she will cope.

Having children leave the family home is a rite of passage for all parents, whether they are starting a university degree, moving in with a partner, or leaving their home town for a job. It’s put things into perspective for me, too, making me realise just how my parents must have felt when I “flew the nest”.

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