Tell us about the bleak spots in your local area you have come to value

We would like to hear about the superficially unattractive corners of your neighbourhood you have learned to love

Desperate to escape our homes, yet unable to stray too far, many of us have learned to love bleak or superficially unattractive corners of our neighbourhoods over the last year. Fly-tipped building sites, muddy towpaths, bramble-lined tracks past scrap heaps and industrial sheds – they have all offered us an escape from the crowds and a place to hear ourselves think. And as the weeks and months have passed, we have seen how life goes in in even the most unpromising of locations, from birds hunting for food and building their nests to flowers pushing through the pavement.

We’d love to hear about the unlovely areas you’ve come to value – both what you cherish and what might deter a casual visitor. How did you discover it? What humans, animals and plants do you share it with? And what do you take home from it every time you visit?

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