The Christmas pudding ‘doorstop’ that was worth the wait | Letter

Sally Churchill recalls the time her grandmother’s 40-year-old Xmas pudding finally hit the spot

For years my grandmother had a wrapped Christmas pudding in her toy cupboard marked as being from the local Naafi kitchen and dated 1941 (Letters, 25 November). It was used variously as a doorstop, football, etc. I inherited it when she died, and continued to use it as a doorstop. It was still being used for this purpose in December 1981, when I and my student housemates realised that nobody had got a pudding for our Christmas dinner. As it was all that was available, we cooked the “doorstop”. It’s probably the best Christmas pudding that I have ever tasted.
Sally Churchill
Graigwen, Rhondda Cynon Taf

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