The moment I knew: ‘After months of emailing every thought we ever had back and forth, we met for a walk’

On a Saturday shift, looking for something to do, Jasper Peach signed up for a dating site. That led to a free-flowing conversation that started and never stopped

It sounds like a lie to say I wasn’t looking for a partner when I joined a dating and friendship site called Pink Sofa. This was in the pre-swipe era of 2010, when you wrote a whole profile and uploaded the text with a picture of yourself, stating if you were looking for friends, hook-ups or a relationship (or all three). I joined up during a Saturday shift at my desk job for something to do.

The profile writing came easily. I’d had enough of most things in my life and had no cares left to give. I was direct and honest. I just wished there was a box to tick for wanting to replace the dead energy of love as I knew it with new people, ideas, places – all of it. Three weeks later I met the truest love I’ve ever known. She lived three blocks and one Melways page away from me.

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