The moment I knew: ‘Being with Lola felt instinctive – like breathing’

An unremarkable commute down the Nepean Highway turns into a moment of revelation for Katie Brebner Griffin

Lola and I were in our early 20s, and we’d been together for about three months. It had become routine for us to crisscross Melbourne, travelling between Lola’s place in Northcote in the inner north and to my base in Bayside in the southern suburbs. To see each other we needed to sit for stupid lengths of time in Melbourne traffic.

This time it was a Sunday night and, aside from Lola’s beat-up, third-hand silver Nissan Mirage, there weren’t many cars heading south on the Nepean Highway. The Southland shopping centre loomed on the horizon, beaming its bright lights over the sprawl of suburban homes and super-sized restaurants.

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