They used her eggs to have a baby. Now they’re one big family

Anonymity is meant to protect donors, but taking another path can afford a different sort of security – and new ways to think about how to raise a kid

Nurses hush her to be quiet. Women in the surrounding beds haven’t been as fortunate as she is, but Brooke Sodahl, 22, is fresh out of the operating room and has someone she needs to call. “They got 26 eggs!” she whispers over the line.

Rachel Grashow, 34, is on the other end, getting ready for work in her Boston apartment. The whole world lights up as she hears the words. For the first time in years – after five deaths in the family and a cataclysmic reckoning with her own infertility that included a miscarriage and four failed rounds of IVF – she feels her luck turning. Her family is about to grow, and Sodahl, a stranger she met on the internet few months ago, is the reason: she is their egg donor.

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