Three things with Angus Stone: ‘I most regret losing a cowboy boot, nicked backstage. They only took one’

In our weekly interview about objects, the Dope Lemon musician talks about his ‘holy grail’ guitar and an unexpected friendship with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak

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When the world first met Angus and Julia Stone, it was as a duo. The sibling act began releasing gentle folk-pop music in 2006, swiftly finding global success with hits like Big Jet Plane.

The pair still make music together (their latest album, Life is Strange, arrived in 2021) but also have solo projects. Apart, their sounds have diverged: Julia released a record full of bright, shimmering pop music in April 2021 while Angus makes blissed-out rock as Dope Lemon. This Friday 7 January, Angus returns with his third album under the moniker, titled Rose Pink Cadillac.

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