Three things with Emma Watkins: ‘I lost something precious but it eventually came back to me’

In our weekly interview about objects, the children’s entertainer and ex-Yellow Wiggle tells us about recovering family heirlooms and her 1996 Ryde School Spectacular costume

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In 2012 Emma Watkins became the first female member of the Wiggles, ushering in a new era for the beloved children’s group. Last year she relinquished her role as the Yellow Wiggle – handing her skivvy to newcomer Tsehay Hawkins – but Watkins hasn’t stopped performing. In August she debuted her new character, Emma Memma, who incorporatesAuslan into her YouTube videos – a passion point for the children’s entertainer. She has also been busy narrating Reef School, an ABC kids’ series that explores the underwater world of an Australian coral reef and its marine life.

Watkins has loved being on stage from an early age. One of her first gigs was at the 1996 Ryde School Spectacular at Sydney Opera House, where she performed an Irish dance solo. Here Watkins shares her memories of the dress she wore for that momentous production and the stories behind other cherished belongings.

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