Three things with HG Nelson: ‘I think, ooh, I’m guarding a bit of a historical artefact here’

In our weekly interview about objects, HG Nelson (not Greig Pickhaver, the man behind the character) shares his thoughts on pencils, and the item he most regrets losing

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For his new book, HG Nelson wrote about fairytales: specifically, those of a sporting nature. The Fairytale: A Real and Imagined History of Australian Sport, released last month, explores the idea that all great sporting moments are something of a fairytale. Because, as HG tells it, “only one horse can win the Melbourne Cup, only 22 players can win the AFL flag, only 17 players can win the rugby league. It’s not available to everybody.”

But The Fairytale also looks at ruthless competitions of a different kind: reality TV, or “the fairytale that we can all win Masterchef”.

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