Three things with Kumi Taguchi: ‘It truly hurts my heart that I didn’t look after Piglet well enough’

In our weekly interview about objects, the Insight host tells us about the significance of a googly-eyed pet rock, and the toy that followed her into her 30s

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Since 2021, Kumi Taguchi has been the host of Insight, the SBS mainstay that takes a deeper look at current affairs. This year, the program has delved into everything from catfishing to conspiracy theories and the ramifications of unexpected deathbed confessions. Next Tuesday at 8.30pm, Insight is looking at what it’s like to meet your biological family later in life. Guests on the episode include Australians who’ve found half-siblings as adults as well as those connecting with their birth parents for the first time.

For Taguchi, this episode is a particularly resonant one. “I don’t have a lived experience of not knowing my parents, but it did move me in the sense that I didn’t really grow up with my dad. I only reconnected him with him in my 20s,” she says.

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