Three things with Mary Coustas: ‘I truly love nothing more than my power hose’

In our weekly interview about objects, the woman behind 90s icon Effie tells us of her love for Greek gold, and the miracle of her electronic power hose

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You probably know Mary Coustas best as Effie, the outrageous second-generation Greek Australian who delighted 90s audiences in TV shows like Acropolis Now. But when Coustas next gets on stage, it won’t be as that iconic character. In a run of shows for the Sydney Opera House in late May, the longtime performer will be shedding her Effie armour and doing something far more daunting – speaking about her real life as Mary. The show, fittingly, is called This Is Personal. Finally putting it on is a dream realised for Coustas.

“In the wings of my mind, I’ve had this show that I’ve always wanted to do that I was too afraid to do,” she says. “I’ve always had accents and wigs and characters. Like, how much can I disguise myself while I become somebody else? But I knew there was a point where I would have to just strip all that back and get to the core of me without the bells and the whistles.”

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