Three things with Norman Swan: ‘I’m more of a materialist than I thought’

In our weekly interview about objects, the medical journalist tells us about his other area of expertise – stain removal – and his fondness for omelettes

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Dr Norman Swan became a trusted voice to many Australians during the pandemic. As the co-host of the ABC’s Coronacast podcast, he delivered regular, no-nonsense updates about all things Covid. But even if you tried to unplug from rolling pandemic news, you’ll probably know Swan from his other gigs – 7.30 reporter, host of ABC Radio National’s Health Report, and regular guest reporter on Four Corners.

Battling medical misinformation has long been Swan’s job. The Glasgow-born physician trained in paediatrics before becoming one of the first medically qualified journalists in his adopted home of Australia. With a 30-year broadcast career under his belt, Swan has lately turned his attention to the world of publishing. His latest book, So You Want To Live Younger Longer?, separates fact from fad to uncover what can actually help us do just that. Given his decades of experience working in health, it’s a topic he’s well qualified to write about.

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