Three things with Peter Helliar: ‘I genuinely find a piece of white paper exciting’

In our weekly interview about objects, the comedian tells us about his love of notebooks – and the pain of misplacing them

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If you’ve turned on a TV any time in the past 20 years, odds are you’ve seen Peter Helliar. The comedian cut his teeth on Rove in the noughties and is now one of the hosts of Network Ten’s The Project, a chair he’s sat in for the past eight years. But for his latest venture Helliar is trading the small screen for the sound studio. He recently began hosting Family Feud: The Podcast, an audio version of the gameshow of the same name. On every episode, two prominent Australians go head-to-head, with names such as Waleed Aly, Tony Armstrong and Osher Günsberg all battling it out for glory.

Crucial to Helliar’s many jobs are the notebooks in which he writes his ideas. In fact, notebooks of all kinds are cherished items to the media personality – he’s held on to the books he “self-published” as a kid and still aches for a notebook he once lost overseas. Here, he tells us why these journals become more valuable the more you use them.

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