Tim Dowling: When it comes to cricket, try not to leave the pitch in an ambulance

By the time the 10th wicket falls, my knees are skinned and I have bruises on both ankles

I am in the changing room of a cricket ground somewhere in Sussex. All around me men are pulling on tops bearing the names of university teams or some charity XI. Mine still has a Sports Direct tag that says “50% off”. I’m not sure how this came to pass. I remember a lunch party where I was asked if my sons played cricket, and I volunteered two of them for this annual fixture. Through some error, my name is also on the roster.

When people ask me if I can play cricket I always say, “I don’t know.” I grew up in America, so I only know I can’t play baseball. It’s possible the game of cricket requires untapped skills that baseball does not. Like manners, or something.

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