What did Mary of Teck call a ‘pretty kettle of fish’? The Saturday quiz

From Strathclyde Concertos to Manchester United, test your knowledge with the Saturday quiz

1 Which painting shows the aftermath of a visit from Charlotte Corday?
2 What word meaning enormous comes from a work by Rabelais?
3 What did Mary of Teck call a “pretty kettle of fish”?
4 Which composer wrote 10 Strathclyde Concertos?
5 Dihydrogen monoxide is better known as what?
6 In Jewish myth, Lilith was whose first wife?
7 Asinelli and the Garisenda are the leaning towers of which city?
8 What are listed in Crockford’s Directory?
What links:
Blemmyes; Sciapods; Cynocephali?
10 When Skies are Grey; The City Gent; The Square Ball; Red Issue?
11 Bolivia; South Africa; Malaysia; Eswatini?
12 Stop Making Sense; Kick Out the Jams; Under a Blood Red Sky; At Folsom Prison?
13 Richard Wilkins; Alf Roberts; Tommy Carcetti; Joe Quimby?
14 Cannae; Arausio; Carrhae; Teutoburg Forest; Edessa?
15 Wales; Devon; coal; Jura mountains; chalk?

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