What is the first line of The Christmas Song? A special bumper edition of the Saturday quiz

From the ruddock to The Grinch, test your knowledge with the Saturday quiz

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1 Which bird used to be called the ruddock?
2 Whose birthplace at 17 Bruton Street, London W1 is now a Chinese restaurant?
3 Where did New Shepard go in July?
4 Alice Fitzwarren features in which pantomime?
5 Why is Bitrex added to household cleaning products?
6 Which empire had its capital at Karakorum?
7 What is the first line of The Christmas Song?
8 Which team lost four consecutive Super Bowls?
9 Which Norwegian island gives its name to two shipping forecast areas?
10 How did Neil Papworth say Merry Christmas on 3 December 1992?
11 In which film did Madonna make a record 85 costume changes?

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