What lies between Toulon and La Spezia? The Saturday quiz

From 1924 Runners to a novel that opens in a Martello tower, test your knowledge with the Saturday quiz

1 Which film’s working title was 1924 Runners?
2 Whose statue holds the message “Courage calls to courage everywhere”?
3 What lies between Toulon and La Spezia?
4 Which game is run by a boxman, stickman and two dealers?
5 Which novel begins in a Martello tower?
6 What is the geographical significance of 24,901 miles?
7 Who is the longest-serving actor in a TV soap?
8 Which toy company was founded by the Hassenfeld siblings?
What links:
48 castles; 45 vineyards; 112 boroughs; c. 6,000 mills?
10 Jack Walsh; Django Freeman; Colt Seavers; Boba Fett?
11 Temminck’s stint; knot; dunlin; whimbrel; ruff?
12 1823 policy statement; 1930s shanty towns; 2010 health reforms?
13 Reuben; Simeon; Dan; Levi (and eight others)?
14 Rebecca Black; Whigfield; Blondie; the Bangles; the Rolling Stones?
15 Africa (7); Middle East (5); South America (1)?

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