What links a small chicken and visible radiation? The Saturday quiz

From the Astros to Armageddon, test your knowledge with the Saturday quiz

1 Which king of England spent less than 10% of his reign here?
2 Cygnus X-1, in 1971, was the first of what to be identified?
3 What did Marilyn Monroe sing on 19 May 1962?
4 Which Mancunian is called a “cultural catalyst” on his gravestone?
5 Which island was once called Van Diemen’s Land?
6 In what sport were the Astros guilty of sign stealing?
7 Which writer was also known as Madame D’Arblay?
8 Relative to size, which big cat has the most powerful bite?
What links:
Fool’s funnel; destroying angel; death cap; jack o’lantern?
10 John Giorno (Andy Warhol); Isobel Boyt (Lucian Freud); David Beckham (Sam Taylor-Johnson)?
11 Kirk Yetholm and Edale?
12 Musca domestica; small chicken; plumage; visible radiation?
13 Pale Rider; The Seventh Seal; Come and See; Armageddon?
14 Richmond; South West Norfolk; Uxbridge and South Ruislip?
15 Jo Calderone; Sasha Fierce; Makaveli; Camille; Chris Gaines?

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