What links chess, water and dead? The Saturday quiz

From Snowqueens Icedragon to Simon May, test your knowledge with the Saturday quiz

1 Whose murder in 1610 was the first to be called an assassination?
2 Who wrote Twilight fan fiction under the name Snowqueens Icedragon?
3 Which US decision-making body has 538 members?
4 What is Britain’s most colourful corvid?
5 Which African language is named from the Arabic for “coastal”?
6 A cosmic year is the time taken to do what?
7 Which classic dystopian film is set in 2022?
8 Iznik ware came from which country?
What links:
Miriam; Deborah; Huldah; Noadiah; Anna?
10 Eric Spear; Simon May; Tony Hatch?
11 Luvironza River, Burundi, and Lake Tana, Ethiopia?
12 Dead; Chess; Sermon; Water; Said?
13 373; 100; 212?
14 Gila monster; Komodo dragon; Mexican beaded lizard?
15 Wrong (plant pot); Lucky (gingham bonnet); Snooty (topper); Snow (bowler)?

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