What links Duluth, MN, with Chicago, IL? The Saturday quiz

From a golfing No 1 to a Giffen good, test your knowledge with the Saturday quiz

1 What is the world’s oldest island?
2 Which poet was called the John the Baptist of fascism?
3 Which building was damaged in 1687 when an ammunition dump exploded?
4 What is targeted in the US by the RICO Act?
5 A word that appears only once in a body of work is called what?
6 Who said “I have to be seen to be believed”?
7 What is unusual, in economic terms, about a Giffen good?
8 Which daughter and father have been world No 1 and No 2 in golf and tennis, respectively?
What links:
Duluth, MN; Chicago, IL; Bay City, MI; Buffalo, NY; Toronto?
10 Jennifer Hudson; Whoopi Goldberg; Audrey Hepburn; Rita Moreno?
11 Augustiner; Hacker-Pschorr; Hofbräu; Löwenbräu; Paulaner; Spaten?
12 Exposition; development; recapitulation?
13 Jean-François Champollion; Amelia Edwards; Flinders Petrie; Howard Carter?
14 Vostok 1; Freedom 7; Shenzhou 5?
15 Some Like it Hot; CODA; The Birdcage; Three Men and a Baby?

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