What links Janet Leigh and Rihanna? The Saturday quiz

From Dartford station to a Dutch reach, test your knowledge with the Saturday quiz

1 Who met at Dartford station on 17 October 1961?
2 Goldfish belong to which family of fish?
3 Which Briton was the first woman to edit the New Yorker?
4 Which monster blocked the road to Thebes?
5 What is opened with a Dutch reach?
6 Where do winning teams get between 16 and 24 points?
7 Which conflict was incited by the Ems telegram?
8 The term “global village” was coined by which Canadian theorist?
What links:
Listing; joining; gapping; bracketing?
10 Krakowiak; kujawiak; mazur; oberek?
11 Merrick Garland; Harriet Miers; G Harrold Carswell; Robert Bork?
12 Gastornis; Kelenken; Argentavis; Haast’s eagle?
13 New York; Eastbourne; London; Giffnock; Edinburgh?
14 Brutus; Leir; Vortigern; Clotenus; Uther?
15 Rihanna; Anne Heche; Janet Leigh?

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