What links lawnmowers, pencils and baked beans? The Saturday quiz

From Stonehenge to Narcos, test your knowledge with the Saturday quiz

1 The world’s largest religious monument appears on which national flag?
2 Which competitors step up to the oche?
3 Gian Gastone (d 1737) was the last ruler from which family?
4 Which city almost tripled in size with a 1911 Act of Parliament?
5 Japanese chemist Kikunae Ikeda invented which food additive?
6 Which band buried their Brit award at Stonehenge?
7 What is the densest planet in the solar system?
8 Which dog has a Russian name meaning “cannibal”?
What links:
Lawnmowers (Southport); pencils (Keswick); baked beans (Port Talbot)?
10 X in 1932; XXIII in 1984; XXXIV in 2028?
11 Encanto; Romancing the Stone; Clear and Present Danger; Narcos?
12 The Year of the End; The Kingdom by the Sea; Far North; The Call of the Weird?
13 Sydney Opera House; Egg chair; Caravaggio lamp; Margrethe bowl?
14 Vanilla planifolia; Theobroma cacao; Fragaria ananassa?
15 Ethel Barrymore; Vivian Beaumont; Helen Hayes; Lynn Fontanne?

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