What links the ivory-billed woodpecker and the Molokai creeper? The Saturday quiz

From a French saint to a Roman deity, test your knowledge with the Saturday quiz

1 In Tokyo, Eddy Alvarez became the sixth Olympian to do what?
2 Which French “saint” died in Kent in 1943?
3 What unit is equal to about 5.88 trillion miles?
4 Which promontory was built by Finn McCool?
5 What is thought to be the world’s oldest alcoholic drink?
6 Which 2003 song has spent more than five years in the UK Top 100?
7 What condition was known as woolsorters’ disease?
8 Oprah’s stylist Andre Walker designed a system to categorise what?
What links:
UK; Ireland; Malta; Cyprus (on the road)?
10 Rapper Cheryl James; chef Nusret Gökçe; cold war arms talks?
11 Roman deities (6); Greek deities (1); neither (1)?
12 War on the Shore; Battle of Brookline; Miracle at Medinah?
13 Barwick Green; Sailing By; By the Sleepy Lagoon?
14 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame; JFK Library; Louvre pyramid?
15 Ivory-billed woodpecker; Bachman’s warbler; Molokai creeper?

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